This term, our topic is called, ‘Moon Zoom’. During this topic, the children will not only be discovering about all the planets in our Solar System but they will also be exploring the life of an astronaut.  Further to this they will be looking at the history of space travel and astronauts throughout history. We will have a visit from a planetarium on 4th July to discuss further about the planets within our solar system and will be a great opportunity for the children to see the planets close up. We will be looking at scientists and explorers in Science, which will include an astronaut and a horticulturist. In addition to this we will be making a variety of art linked to our topic, including paper mache planets.

You can more about the learning we have planned in the weeks ahead in our Newsletter.


Technology is used extensively throughout the school. It is important for children to be aware of the dangers posed by the Internet and mobile technologies. Wenhave collected some websites that have information to help children stay safe.

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