This term our topic is, ‘The History of Transport’. This is an exciting topic all about the history of our railways. Children will learn about the early locomotives, steam trains, electric and diesel trains, how the railway has helped shape industries in the UK and how it has had many uses during it’s history which have led to the railway we know today,
In literacy, we will begin by looking at authors and letters. The children will get to read and explore a range of texts by Roald Dahl and to write letters for a variety of different purposes. Children will then move on to learn about dialogue and plays with a wide range of opportunities to perform, act out different scripts and write their own too.

During Science this term, our new topic is ‘Magnets and forces’. I am sure the children are going to love the hands on learning involved in such an interesting science topic. There will certainly be a lot of practical work and investigations.  

You can find out about the learning we have planned for the weeks ahead in our Class Newsletter.

Great websites

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A bingo game on division and multiplication designed for use on an interactive whiteboard. Ideal for starter or plenary sessions.

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